Hannah’s Paradise

This is a painting from my latest MTA Arts for Transit Proposal.

Hannah’s Paradise


Hannah's Paradise

Hannah's Paradise


ShouT OuT to Wisdom

God, you are supreme above the skies.

Let your glory be over all the earth.

PSALM 57:11

Letter of the Day Z for Zoo

Z for Zoo

Z for Zoo


OHH!!!It is my favorite place to

frolick, dance with the Peacocks and ride the Camels.

Then it’s off to Butterfly Cove!!!

I love The Bronx Zoo!!


SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“God protects me like a shield:

he saves those whose hears are right.”


YaY!!!  Hump DaY!!


CHRiSTMAS is Right Around the Corner!

Have a beautiful rest of the week in

 this Glorious Holiday Season!!


Chiz :O)


Happy HUMP DAY!!! 


You beautiful People!!!


It’s Free DaY again at The Bronx Zoo!!

It’s so much fun dressing up as your

favorite Animal Friend at The Zoo!!!

Strange Tiger

Strange Tiger


But he is so cute….

I don’t know if I should be scared or kiss him on the nose.

I think I’ll kiss him! He doesn’t smell like a tiger.

ShoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“Those who trust in riches will be ruined,

but a good person will be healthy like a green leaf.”


Have a wonderful HUMP DAY!!!


The Mascot

The Peacock

 The Peacock

Happy Monday You Beautiful People!!!

One of the Great things about The Bronx Zoo is that they let the Peacocks walk

 along the paths with the vistors.They are my guides or mascots as I frolick through the park.

SHouT OuT To WisDoM!!!

“Gossips can’t keep secrets,

so avoid people who talk to much. “


Thank you for spending

some of your precious day with me!!!


Chiz :O)

Buried Secrets





One day to the weekend you beautiful people!!!

Thursday, Thursday!!!  

Well, it’s a good thing I decided not to go to The Bronx Zoo yesterday, because there was an incident there where …

Dozens Stuck in Midair at the Bronx Zoo
More than three dozen cable car passengers were stranded for hours Wednesday night at the Bronx Zoo after an emergency mechanism caused the ride to shut down.
Reports said that a powerful thunder strom caused the malfunction.   I love taking that cable car across the park.  It gives a beautiful airal view of the zoo.  They where stranded for like 5 hours.  The free admission probably had allot of people visiting the zoo yesterday.   Everyone is OK God!  :O)
Bill Viola the artist not the baseball player…
The Internationally-Renowned Video Artist Bill Viola.

Bill Viola: Buried Secrets


In this work 3 women are greeting each other.  The scene is recorded from a fixed camera position, the actions of the figures are seen in extreme slow motion and are presented in a vertical aspect ratio. The entire original event of forty-five seconds unfolds as an elaborate choreography over the course of ten minutes. ……

I saw this work in 1997 at the Whitney Retrospective of his work.  I went to see it like 3 times and I drug my father to see it, because I kept talking to him about it.  He love it too and he is a very practical man :O)

What did we love about it??  The main reason why this is my favorite piece of his, is that it tickles the mind with it’s obvious but not overt reference to Mary the Mother of Jesus and her greeting women in the square.   This is purely my interpretation and the artist gives us no verbal or written guidance that supports this interpretation.   

But it goes to my theory that you can experience nothing in it’s pure form, all your experiences and the interactions are all colored if not guided by your past experiences and when you have strong reaction and connections to anything it is because of these factors.

The beauty and truth I found in Bill’s work is that it focuses you on each breath we take in this life and how much we actually miss in our daily interactions.  The greeting seconds streched into 10 minutes.    With no sound.  But I was paralized unable to move absoultely captivated by the silent dialog and information that became so illuminated in that interaction between those three women.

So much so that it is still huants me over a decade after seeing it and it has changed me in that it showed me a truth that I didn’t know before that truely even moment counts and means something.


ON the Chizzy Front !!!!


Farm Suns



“Whoever tries to live right and loyal finds life, success, and honor”

Proverbs 21:21

Thank you so much for spending some of your precious day with me!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Chiz :O)