NYC MTA Permanent Art for Transit Final Proposal by Chiz

High Love

High Love


It’s Time for High Love!!
Valentines Day Approaches!   YaY!!!  
I love LOVE!!!

This is one of the 15 Original Paintings I submitted for

NYCTA MTA Permanent Art for Transit Proposal for

The East 180th Street Station in Da Bronx which is a the stop on the IRT 2 & 5 Trains.

Which services The Only Pedestrian Only Enterance to The Bronx Zoo.


My proposal is was entitled: Hannah’s Paradise:

A proposal made up of 15 Original Painting following

my hero Hannah on her Journey to The Bronx Zoo.

Go Hannah!!!  Go Hannah!!

My Hero is named after my sister!! 

I love you Hannah!!


SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

You can get the horses ready for battle,

but it is the LORD who gives the victory.


Letter of the Day Y for YellowJacket

Y for YellowJacket


Y for YellowJacket

The Joys upon Joy of being a New Yorker!

One of which is the JoY…

…of morphing into a sardine in the struggle to get on that last bus or train that will get us to the office on time.

Oh Why oh Why?

Did I get that extra piece of toast or cup of coffee?

Now, I have to pay the price.

I have to get on the YellowJacket Express



Shout Out to WisDoM!!!

Do not put your trust in princes
or other people, who cannot save you.
When people die, they are buried.
Then all of their plans come to an end.
Happy are those who are helped by
the God of  Jacob.
Their hope is in the LORD their GOD.
He made heaven and earth,
the sea and everything in it.
He remains loyal forever.
PSALM 146: 3-6

Start the Parade of New Work!!!

Frolicking to The Bronx Zoo

Frolicking to The Bronx Zoo

Happy Happy Thursday!!!

One of the Many, Many Paintings submitted to The MTA Arts for my Transit Proposal.

SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!
“Sing for joy to God, our strength; shout out loud to the God of Jacob.
PSALM 81:1

MTA Arts for Transit Take 2

Tonight, Tomorrow


HappY Monday Ha ha

That is a joke.   Ohhhh another week of work, frolicking and this morning the alarm clock of thunderstorms.   Boom, Boom, Boom.

Get up Steph!!!  It’s yoga time!!


I was called with exciting news on Friday Afternoon from the MTA!!

MTA Call for Artist

I was selected as a finalist for the public arts for tranist for the:

 East 180th Street Station-
White Plains Road Line Elevated Subway Station on the 5-Line in NYC.

I encourage all artist to keep applying to these submissions for public art and other opportunities.  Because I was applying for YEARS to this program and nothing and then this year I was now selected twice as a finalist.   Thank God.  Some artists have asked me how I knew about this opportunity.  So I have included a link above to:

The MTA Arts for Transit Call for artist website

I believe that I enrich myself by sharing opportunities with other artists.  I believe whatever God has for you no one can take away from you.   So I am not afraid to share this important information with you!!!   It makes my so happy!!  YaY!!  :O)

I am sharing my final submissions from my first proposal I submitted earlier this year for an earlier MTA Arts for Tranist Public Arts Project.  

 The Parkchester Project on the 6 -Line.

The work above originally entitled:  Today, Tonight renamed “Tonight, Tomorrow”,

And below the work originally entitled: Tomorrow renamed “City Life”

I learned allot from the progress the first time and I believe it actually elevated my work to level that in my case could only be realized thru the pressure of the process.

Please contact if you have questions!!!


SHOUT OuT to Wisdom!!!

“Plesant words are like a honeycomb, making people happy & healthy”


Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!

Love Chiz :O)







City Life

City Life

On of my latest paintings created for New York Transit Authorities Public Art Project.   I a bright colorful look and the colorful life on the city.

Enjoy and thank you for spending some of your day with me.


Chiz :OP

It’s Friday and I’m dancing in the Rain!!


 I am dancing thru the rain drops!!  Past Radio City Music Hall & running straight home!!!  Another eventful week here in the city. 

Tomorrow I will be helping out with YuCA the Arts Organization at my Church to complete what I call The Children’s Church Mural – Bronx Style.

YaY!!   I promise to post pictures on Monday of our wonderful Saturday Painting Time!!



So Here is my Daily Painting, ( While almost Daily)


Magic Hour

Magic sometimes comes straight out of conflict.  This piece was one of the final designs considered to become, A Permanent Public Art Installation or The Metropolitan Transit Authority of NYC

also know a the NYC Subway System

In this piec I wanted to show the battle that rages between DAY & NIGHT.  Darkness cannot exist in the ace of the Light.

This Blood Battle marks a special time of day called

The Magic Hour.

So, we never have to fear the night, because joy & light will always come in the morning!  Have a wonderful weekend you Beautiful People!!!