Chiz’s Alphabet City is Complete!!! YaY

AlpHaBeT CiTY Complete LarGE PosTeR

AlpHaBeT CiTY Complete LarGE PosTeR


Alphabet City is finally complete!!!

Own the entire beautiful series in one poster!!!

Yes is it all could be yours and you can frolick thru NYC & the Alphabet City with me.


The Journey thru the Alphabet & my beautiful city of NYC. Has been such a joy!

And I am so happy to share it with you!

Thank you

SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“If you listen to correction to improve

your life.

you will live among the wise.”



Rooster DaY! YaY! :O)

My Very First Rooster

My Very First Rooster


Today is Rooster Day!!

I am going to share all of my Roosters with you today!  


Rooster have so much personality! 


O)  I love him!

My mascot :O) I love him!



Lester, he looks like an Uncle Lester :O)


I say, I say, BoY!!!

I say, I say, BoY!!!

The Plucks

The Plucks

I hope you enjoyed my friends!

Shout Out to Wisdom!!!!
“Hold on to wisdom, and it will take care of you.  Love it, and it will keep you safe”
Proverbs: 4:6
Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!
Chiz :O)

Long Nights Journey into Day

Good Morning!!!

Happy HUMP DAY again!!!


Raise your hand if you stayed up until 1:37AM watching the All Star Game.

Well, I did.  

At first I just had it on in the background while I work in the studio painting, printing, thinking.  I always put on something that I don’t have to focus on while I work.   It like a low hummmm….. that keeps me grounded to the world.  

 I don’t want to acknowledge it as important, I just want it there to keep me company.  

That how it started and than I started painting and it didn’t go well and I may have to start the painting again and then comes the moment when my mind goes to mush…  & I want to work and I can’t anymore and I just stare at the painting begging it to talk to me…..

& than my companion the Game started calling me, pulling me away from working and into the Game.

It’s almost midnight!!! 

Is the game still on???  OK, let’s see what happening…  10 inning, 11 inning, 12, 13, 14

Come on now!  It actually got interesting in the extra innings, errors, great plays, diminishing player roster, only one pitcher left.    What’s going to happen!!!

 There comes a point you’ve invested too much to quit watching. 

What if there is a great play!!!


 WiN!! WiN!! WiN!! National League it’s been 11 years.

I’m a Ravid METS fan that lives in the Bronx.  So I have issues. ha ha :O)

Anyway I started getting delirious and I turned off the TV and continued listening to the radio as I slowly fell asleep….. 

The 15 inning

  But at 1:37AM it finally came to an end.

Well there always next year and ………

Sleep Sweet Prince

The METS are hot now…..  maybe that’s enough ……………

for now.




The New York Botantical Garden


The Bronx Zoo!!!




“Patience is better than strength.  Controlling your temper is better than capturing a city.”

Proverbs 16:32


Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!!


Chiz :OP

MTA Arts for Transit Take 2

Tonight, Tomorrow


HappY Monday Ha ha

That is a joke.   Ohhhh another week of work, frolicking and this morning the alarm clock of thunderstorms.   Boom, Boom, Boom.

Get up Steph!!!  It’s yoga time!!


I was called with exciting news on Friday Afternoon from the MTA!!

MTA Call for Artist

I was selected as a finalist for the public arts for tranist for the:

 East 180th Street Station-
White Plains Road Line Elevated Subway Station on the 5-Line in NYC.

I encourage all artist to keep applying to these submissions for public art and other opportunities.  Because I was applying for YEARS to this program and nothing and then this year I was now selected twice as a finalist.   Thank God.  Some artists have asked me how I knew about this opportunity.  So I have included a link above to:

The MTA Arts for Transit Call for artist website

I believe that I enrich myself by sharing opportunities with other artists.  I believe whatever God has for you no one can take away from you.   So I am not afraid to share this important information with you!!!   It makes my so happy!!  YaY!!  :O)

I am sharing my final submissions from my first proposal I submitted earlier this year for an earlier MTA Arts for Tranist Public Arts Project.  

 The Parkchester Project on the 6 -Line.

The work above originally entitled:  Today, Tonight renamed “Tonight, Tomorrow”,

And below the work originally entitled: Tomorrow renamed “City Life”

I learned allot from the progress the first time and I believe it actually elevated my work to level that in my case could only be realized thru the pressure of the process.

Please contact if you have questions!!!


SHOUT OuT to Wisdom!!!

“Plesant words are like a honeycomb, making people happy & healthy”


Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!

Love Chiz :O)







Chizzy Dancing in the Studio!!



I don’t want to work, I just want to bang on the drum all day!!!

All day!! 

It’s Dancing in the Studio Friday!!!   YaY! 

So I am just going to share the sunshine in my studio along with my frolicks with you on Fridays as a celebration of getting thru another week!!

I am painting like mad in the studio & I am almost ready to roll out a new series of paintings that I am going to roll out soon which I plan to have in book form shortly!!!

This will be my second book!!  YaY!!   I am so happy!

My first book which is BIO piece:




Have a wonderful FRIDAY!!! & Great Weekend!!


“The LORD decides what a person will do; no one understand what his life is all about.”



FRidaY FridaY!!!

Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!!


Chiz :OP

Buried Secrets





One day to the weekend you beautiful people!!!

Thursday, Thursday!!!  

Well, it’s a good thing I decided not to go to The Bronx Zoo yesterday, because there was an incident there where …

Dozens Stuck in Midair at the Bronx Zoo
More than three dozen cable car passengers were stranded for hours Wednesday night at the Bronx Zoo after an emergency mechanism caused the ride to shut down.
Reports said that a powerful thunder strom caused the malfunction.   I love taking that cable car across the park.  It gives a beautiful airal view of the zoo.  They where stranded for like 5 hours.  The free admission probably had allot of people visiting the zoo yesterday.   Everyone is OK God!  :O)
Bill Viola the artist not the baseball player…
The Internationally-Renowned Video Artist Bill Viola.

Bill Viola: Buried Secrets


In this work 3 women are greeting each other.  The scene is recorded from a fixed camera position, the actions of the figures are seen in extreme slow motion and are presented in a vertical aspect ratio. The entire original event of forty-five seconds unfolds as an elaborate choreography over the course of ten minutes. ……

I saw this work in 1997 at the Whitney Retrospective of his work.  I went to see it like 3 times and I drug my father to see it, because I kept talking to him about it.  He love it too and he is a very practical man :O)

What did we love about it??  The main reason why this is my favorite piece of his, is that it tickles the mind with it’s obvious but not overt reference to Mary the Mother of Jesus and her greeting women in the square.   This is purely my interpretation and the artist gives us no verbal or written guidance that supports this interpretation.   

But it goes to my theory that you can experience nothing in it’s pure form, all your experiences and the interactions are all colored if not guided by your past experiences and when you have strong reaction and connections to anything it is because of these factors.

The beauty and truth I found in Bill’s work is that it focuses you on each breath we take in this life and how much we actually miss in our daily interactions.  The greeting seconds streched into 10 minutes.    With no sound.  But I was paralized unable to move absoultely captivated by the silent dialog and information that became so illuminated in that interaction between those three women.

So much so that it is still huants me over a decade after seeing it and it has changed me in that it showed me a truth that I didn’t know before that truely even moment counts and means something.


ON the Chizzy Front !!!!


Farm Suns



“Whoever tries to live right and loyal finds life, success, and honor”

Proverbs 21:21

Thank you so much for spending some of your precious day with me!!

Have a wonderful day!!!


Chiz :O)