Flower Break!!!

Flower Break

Flower Break


SPRING is in the AiR!!!

Well snow flakes where in the air for the first day of SprinG here in NYC.

But who Cares?

The flowers are coming!!

So let’s take a Flower Break & Frolick thru the flowers all SprinG.



Chiz :O)

The Waterfalls are here!!!

Hello!!  You beautiful people!

Guess what?

The Waterfalls are here in NYC!!!   So exciting!!   I can’t wait to see them!   YaY!!!

I plan to have dinner down at the South Street Seaport to experience it.  


By Claudia Parsons of Reuters News


NEW YORK (Reuters) – Four giant artificial waterfalls cascaded into the water off Manhattan on Thursday in a public art project the mayor said could generate $55 million in economic activity for New York City.


“New York City’s historic harbor has been turned into the most unexpected and intriguing waterfall destination between Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference marking the opening of the falls.


He admitted that when the project was first pitched to him, his first thought was: “What on earth are you talking about?”


Three of the waterfalls cascade into the East River and New York Harbor from free-standing scaffolding towers. The fourth is below the landmark Brooklyn Bridge. The project by Danish artist Olafur Eliasson will be in place until October 13.


The falls range in height from 90 to 120 feet (30 to 40 meters) — around the same as the Statue of Liberty from head to toe, and from 30 to 80 feet wide.


Tour companies are offering special trips to view them, ranging from a $10 boat journey lasting 30 minutes with official sponsor Circle Line Downtown to a $50,000 “Waterfalls Package” from rival Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises.


The latter includes a private boat trip, champagne, diamonds, dinner for two and a night in a luxurious hotel.


The falls are also visible from various vantage points on land, including bridges and highways, and the city is handing out bicycle maps. Visitors can call a toll-free number, 311, to hear Eliasson talk about the falls as they view them….. (read More)

I myself, can’t wait to see it!!


More on the Chizzy Front

Here is one of my newest paintings for your pleasure:


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Have a blessed DAY!!
YAY!  :O)


WISDOM Shout Out!!

“Foolish people are always fighting, but avoiding quarrel will bring you honor”

Proverbs 20:3

Thank you for sending some of your precious day with me!!

Love Chiz :OP