Are You Kissing against the New York Sky??

Manahattan Fog is so Romantic.....

Manahattan Fog is so Romantic…..


Spring brings new life and LOve

Come Fly, Come Fly,

Come Fly Away with Me….

Come Fly, Come Fly, Come Fly Away with Me :O)

Fly Me to the Moon

Baby Susie Frolicking through Flowers

Susie Frolicking Thru Flowers

Susie Frolicking Thru Flowers


I love The Bronx Zoo!!!

Let’s join Susie the Baby Elephant in his frolick through the flowers!!!


Let’s all Frolick to the Bronx Zoo.


Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!!



SHouT OuT to WisDoM

Whoever listens to what is taught

will succed

and whoever trusts the LORD will

be happy.”