Sharing DayLight Savings with The Bronx Bohemian YAY!!!

Banana Pudding & Art

Banana Pudding & Art


 I’m still Frolicking all over NYC!!!
What’s better than sharing and awesome treat with a friend?


Sunday I spent time doing one of my favorite things eating great food and
laughing like a school girl with a friend!
My friend The Bronx Bohemian and I had a great time
celebrating the Spring foward in The Bronx Art district
eating great food at The Bruckner Grill and seeing a great exhibit at the
It was jumping with teens enjoying the gallery and a
break dance group practicing their craft!!
Read The Bronx Bohemian breakdown for the rest of the story!!!
She an awesome writer!!!
More Frolicking to come!!!

SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“The mind of a person with
understanding gets knowledge;
the wise person listens to learn
more. “
Have a wonderful week
Chiz o;

NExT Stop Havens Art Gallery in Da BRONX !!

Men on Maps Sept 3rd - Oct 10th 2008




Men on Maps Sept 3rd - Oct 10th 2008

Haven Arts Gallery

is located at
50 Bruckner Blvd.
Building A
Bronx, NY, 10454.

6 Train: 3rd Ave 138 at Alexander Ave
Walk: 0.3 mi – about 7 mins
1. Head southwest on Alexander Ave toward E 137th St – 0.2 mi

2. Turn left at Bruckner Blvd – 400 ft
To: Haven Arts Gallery: 50 Bruckner Blvd – South side of the street

New Exhibition:

Men on Maps

Openning Reception

THIS!! Friday from 5 to 9PM

Sadly there is NO CULTURAL TROLLEY TODAY!   BooHooo! :O(

But Let’s SHOUT OUT!! to One of the Cultural Arts Center on the Trolley RouTE!

Men on Maps

Is an exhibition of the unique aesthetic responses of over 40 male artists when presented with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s map of the New York Cities subway system as a base upon which to create. The blank canvas is gone, replaced by a loaded image for each artist to interpret and transform.

So exciting!!!  I can’t wait to see it!!

Haven Arts also has a


Haven Arts Free Drawing Class Thursdays 6 - 10PM

Haven Arts Free Drawing Class Thursdays 6 - 10PM


My favorite Word!!!

U Go Haven Arts!!


ShouT OuT to Wisdom!!!

” As a tree produces fruit, wisdom gives life to those who use it,

and everyone who uses it will be happy”

Proverbs 3:18