Friday in Alphabet City in the PRESS

Thank You SignatureSterling!!!   UROCK

Thank You SignatureSterling!!! UROCK



It’s FRIDAY!!!  

Alphabet City the Book is already getting some good PRESS thru

The SignatureSterling BloG!!



Thank you


UR the BEST!!!


SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“Wise people us their words to

spread knowledge,

but there is no knowledge in the

thoughts of fools.



Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!

ChiZ :O)


Chiz's Alphabet City Book is HERE!!!

Chiz's Alphabet City Book is HERE!!!

After Months of  Frolicking the Series is Finally Complete!!!




I am dancing in the Studio!!!


Thank you  the Heroes for taking the Journey with me






SHoUT to WisDoM!!!

“It takes wisdom to have a good


and it takes understanding to make it STRONG.”







Chiz’s Alphabet City is Complete!!! YaY

AlpHaBeT CiTY Complete LarGE PosTeR

AlpHaBeT CiTY Complete LarGE PosTeR


Alphabet City is finally complete!!!

Own the entire beautiful series in one poster!!!

Yes is it all could be yours and you can frolick thru NYC & the Alphabet City with me.


The Journey thru the Alphabet & my beautiful city of NYC. Has been such a joy!

And I am so happy to share it with you!

Thank you

SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“If you listen to correction to improve

your life.

you will live among the wise.”



Letter of the Day S for Seagull

S for Seagull

S for Seagull


Chillin in City Island NYC

at my favorite Resturant Seafood City!!!

The Only thought on my mind is fish and great views of the Long Island Sound.

HHHHHmmmm :O)

The only thought on my companions’ mind is….


He has no manners at all!

SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

A hot furnance tests silver and gold,

but the LORD tests the hearts.”


Letter of the Day V for Vampire Bat

V for Vampire Bat

V for Vampire Bat

NYC City of Catherdrals!!

NYC actually has the largest Cathedral in the world right here in Manhattan!!!

St. John the Devine.


& what is the perpetual resident of Cathedrals…..


So pray & watch your necks!!!!

Come frolick through New York City and thru the entire alphabet with me.

Come celebrate the fun and run thru the wonderful playground of NYC and practice your ABCs.


ALPHABET CITY THE Book Publishing this MONTH!!!




SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!!

“4Ye, though I walk through the valley of the

Shadow of Death,

I will fear no evil;

For You are with me;

Your  rod and Your Staff, they comfort me.

5 You prepare a table before me in the presence

of my enemies;

You anoint my head with oil;

My cup runs over.

6 Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me

All the days of my life;

And I will dwell in the house of the LORD Forever.”

PSALM 23: 4-6

GoD Has Your Back!!!!




Letter of the Day Y for YellowJacket

Y for YellowJacket


Y for YellowJacket

The Joys upon Joy of being a New Yorker!

One of which is the JoY…

…of morphing into a sardine in the struggle to get on that last bus or train that will get us to the office on time.

Oh Why oh Why?

Did I get that extra piece of toast or cup of coffee?

Now, I have to pay the price.

I have to get on the YellowJacket Express



Shout Out to WisDoM!!!

Do not put your trust in princes
or other people, who cannot save you.
When people die, they are buried.
Then all of their plans come to an end.
Happy are those who are helped by
the God of  Jacob.
Their hope is in the LORD their GOD.
He made heaven and earth,
the sea and everything in it.
He remains loyal forever.
PSALM 146: 3-6

Letter of the Day N for Nightingale


N for Nightingale


N for Nightingale

How do you get to Carnegie Hall?

Practice, Practice, Practice.

 I have a shortcut 

I just Jump on the R Train to 57th & 7th Avenue.

I have to go now,  


The Diva is waiting for me.

ShoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“Brothers and sisters,

I know that I have not yet reached that goal,

but there is one thing I always do.


Straining towards what is ahead.

I keep trying to reach the goal and get the prize

for which GOD called me through Christ

to the life above.”

PHILIPPIANS 3: 13 & 14

Have a Great Week!!!

Love Chiz :O)

Alphabet City – The Book is CominG!!!!

P for Peacock

P for PeacockQ for Quail

R for Rabbit
R for Rabbit
YES a New Year!!!
 & a new Book is coming: 
Alphabet City

By Stephanie Chisholm of ArtChiz Studios NYC

Scheduled to Publish this February!!!

Yes in time for Valentine’s Day!


Please enjoy some of my first book

The Chizholm Trail of Joy

The Chizholm Trail of Joy

The Chizholm Trail of Joy

SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!!

“Doing right brings freedom

 to honest people,

but those who are not trustworthy

will be caught by their own desires.

When the wicked die, hope dies with them;

their hope in riches will come to


PROVERBS 11: 6 &7

Letter of the Day Z for Zoo

Z for Zoo

Z for Zoo


OHH!!!It is my favorite place to

frolick, dance with the Peacocks and ride the Camels.

Then it’s off to Butterfly Cove!!!

I love The Bronx Zoo!!


SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“God protects me like a shield:

he saves those whose hears are right.”


YaY!!!  Hump DaY!!


CHRiSTMAS is Right Around the Corner!

Have a beautiful rest of the week in

 this Glorious Holiday Season!!


Chiz :O)

Letter of the DaY P for Peacock

P for Peacock

P for Peacock

New York City is the town of the:


OK your Beautiful it’s true.
But Please!

Open your eyes so you don’t get hit by a NYC Taxi Cab!!!

Beauty is so dangerous!!



Come frolick through New York City and thru the entire alphabet with me.

Come celebrate the fun and run thru the wonderful playground of NYC and practice your ABCs.


SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!

I will praise the you, LORD,
because you rescued me.
You did not let my enemies laugh at me.
PSALM 30:1
Have a wonderful TUESDAY!!!
CHiz :O)