Tuesday SHOUT OUT! To Artists’ that Rock!! HeY!

Masked Beat
Masked Bear

Go Helen!!  Go Helen!

Yes LET’s Shout OuT

Helen Acraman!!!

All the way from the North…..  Toronto CANADA


Helen aka Zukzuk


Magic Jewel Bears

Magic Jewel Bears


Yes Zukzuk is Magical!!

Her strong vision and use of color inspire and enriches me.  While BEARS!!! May be Steven Colbert’s #1 Threat.    They are one of my most preciouse muses.
Jelly Bean Birds

Jelly Bean Birds


Helen shout in this piece,


Don’t worry I’m not!  
i can’t cram enough color into my work and my life!!




In Her Own Words….


“when i was reading a book to my son the other day, one of the characters, a wombat, said that he liked to think and he liked to dig. i guess that’s a bit like me. i too like to think and to dig, especially come summer, but then digging snow in the winter is good too… most of the time i’m pretty mesmerized by the world and by the people in it. the state we’re all in today is a pretty stunning thing to contemplate if you have five minutes! when i’m not digging i love to spend as much time as possible near trees and to travel (my family is still wondering when i will find my way back home to new zealand). i like being involved in community activism, spending time on my own (rarely happens) and reading. i spend too much time in front of the computer and eat an inordinate amount of dark chocolate each day.”

Thank you Zukzuk

Keep RocKIN to the North!!!


ShouT OuT to Wisdom

” People who are not proud will inherit the land

and  will enjoy complete peace.”

PSALM 37:11