LAtE Tuesday :O) Shout OUt to Artists’ that ROCK! HEY!!! :O)






Pullman, WA

That’s Washington State!!!!

GO Washington!!  Go Washington!!!

U ROCK!!!!


Victoria Maykowski LOVED Liberace


Victoria Maykowski LOVED Liberace

Corid’s words on Victoria Maykowski LOVED Liberace: 

“this is a new piece from a little collection i just created.

years ago i aquired a box FULL of old paper dolls, and i finally figured out what to do with them. ( this is actually VERY exciting(to me)).

 this piece was created using layers of old paper…an old dictionary page, the front page of an old book that belonged to, and was signed by Lorn L. Elliot (hence the title), and an old map or europe.

 oh and i sewed a bit… and drew a bit…. and painted a bit… and ta dah! here she is. miss Lorn L. Elliot, in her impersonation of a secretary bird.”

Bugger Reader
Bugger Reader

What I love about Corid work is that it feels,

 as if she is tearing pages from her life and our history and 

letting we the viewer frolick thru her brain and into the beautiful that she wants to share with the world.


The Reader

The Reader

 IN Her Own Words:

Basic details about me…
I am short. My hair keeps getting curlier and curlier the older I get (it started out straight). I like the bed to made when I crawl in at night. I am fiercely loyal.I have REALLY high standards and I disappoint easily. I am a workhorse. I work fast. I love vegetarian sushi. I am a dog person. I love to make stuff. I like to try new things… whether that be a recipe, a new technique in my work, you name it. I get car sick… so you will always find me in the front seat, preferably driving.

Life details: mom (to Henry, age 5), wife to Liam (10 years). Owner of one dog (Lucy… who despite years of unconditional love, is a chicken wrapped in a dog suit) we all live in Pullman Washington, but will soon be moving to Salt Lake City.

I have been making stuff in earnest since high school, but art has always been my favorite… since 2nd grade I’d say. when I remember making this Santa face out of Construction paper… with floating eyes, nose, and beard. It turned out remarkably well compared to everyone elses, and I remember feeling very satisfied by that. (believe me, I never got that sensation when doing math).


SHouT OuT to WisDoM!!!!

People will be rewarded for what they say:

they will be rewarded by how they speak



Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!!

Please go out and enjoy the rest of your week!!


Chiz :O)


Tuesday SHOUT OUT! To Artists’ that Rock!! HeY!

Masked Beat
Masked Bear

Go Helen!!  Go Helen!

Yes LET’s Shout OuT

Helen Acraman!!!

All the way from the North…..  Toronto CANADA


Helen aka Zukzuk


Magic Jewel Bears

Magic Jewel Bears


Yes Zukzuk is Magical!!

Her strong vision and use of color inspire and enriches me.  While BEARS!!! May be Steven Colbert’s #1 Threat.    They are one of my most preciouse muses.
Jelly Bean Birds

Jelly Bean Birds


Helen shout in this piece,


Don’t worry I’m not!  
i can’t cram enough color into my work and my life!!




In Her Own Words….


“when i was reading a book to my son the other day, one of the characters, a wombat, said that he liked to think and he liked to dig. i guess that’s a bit like me. i too like to think and to dig, especially come summer, but then digging snow in the winter is good too… most of the time i’m pretty mesmerized by the world and by the people in it. the state we’re all in today is a pretty stunning thing to contemplate if you have five minutes! when i’m not digging i love to spend as much time as possible near trees and to travel (my family is still wondering when i will find my way back home to new zealand). i like being involved in community activism, spending time on my own (rarely happens) and reading. i spend too much time in front of the computer and eat an inordinate amount of dark chocolate each day.”

Thank you Zukzuk

Keep RocKIN to the North!!!


ShouT OuT to Wisdom

” People who are not proud will inherit the land

and  will enjoy complete peace.”

PSALM 37:11