The Lazy Days of Summer are almost over……

Strawberry Ice Cream

But we can still remember the time spent together with the
ones we love and that delicious Strawberry Ice Cream
Lick it before it melts!!!
Chiz :OP

Pandas Attack NYC!!!! Run Away! Run Away!!

Empire Panda


It looks like the Pandas have taken over

The Empire State Building.

Don’t worry they are just trying to get away from the crowd


Chill with their Friends!!

Catch some Air for me!!



Happy Monday!!

Sharing DayLight Savings with The Bronx Bohemian YAY!!!

Banana Pudding & Art

Banana Pudding & Art


 I’m still Frolicking all over NYC!!!
What’s better than sharing and awesome treat with a friend?


Sunday I spent time doing one of my favorite things eating great food and
laughing like a school girl with a friend!
My friend The Bronx Bohemian and I had a great time
celebrating the Spring foward in The Bronx Art district
eating great food at The Bruckner Grill and seeing a great exhibit at the
It was jumping with teens enjoying the gallery and a
break dance group practicing their craft!!
Read The Bronx Bohemian breakdown for the rest of the story!!!
She an awesome writer!!!
More Frolicking to come!!!

SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“The mind of a person with
understanding gets knowledge;
the wise person listens to learn
more. “
Have a wonderful week
Chiz o;

Sunshine Parade

Sunshine Cow
Sunshine Cow

Hello you Wonderful People!!!

I am starting a new series:


This is going to have a few of my

 friend frolicking

Thru NYC

Having Fun and Chillin!!

I hope you will join me!!!  

I love you!!

SHoUT to WisDoM!!!

“But you have made me very happy,
happier than they are,
even with their grain and new wine.”
Chiz :O)

Dreaming of Frolicking to the Bronx Zoo

Frolicking to the Bronx Zoo!!  YaY :o)

Frolicking to the Bronx Zoo!! YaY :o)

I must admit during this cold cold cold winter
I dream of pink summer days
 frolicking to the Bronx Zoo.
Come on Summer I need you!!!
SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!
“Generous people will be blessed,
because they share  their food with
the poor.”

All Around the Web with CHiZ

Apartmenttherapy - ohdeedoh *HOME * Design* Children

Apartmenttherapy - ohdeedoh *HOME * Design* Children

Ran a story on Alphabet City’s  V for Vampire Bat!!!
It’s a cute write up!!!
Check it Out!!!

SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

“LORD, you are kind and forgiving
and have great love for those who
call on you.”
PSALM 86:5
HAVE A WonDerFuL Snowy DAY!!!

The Crossing

The Crossing

The Crossing


Crossing the River into the City.

It seems that a daily part of my life.

So beautiful sailing thru rush hour into and out of NYC.

Enjoy the crossing with me.


ShoUT OuT to WiSDoM!!!

Come, lets’s sing for joy  to the


Let’s shout praises to the Rock who

saves us.

PSALM 95:1