Spring brings new life and LOve

Come Fly, Come Fly,

Come Fly Away with Me….

Come Fly, Come Fly, Come Fly Away with Me :O)

Fly Me to the Moon

New Year Baby for The Year of The Dragon

Black Water Baby

Every New Year’s

Has a New Year Baby


The Year of The Water Dragon is no different.

Let welcome The Black Water Baby!!

Her Mother is so Proud!!!


Chiz :OP

The Dragon Dance is upon us!! Let’s Dance!!! It’s The Year of The Dragon

Yes The Lunar Year is Upon Us!!

But ywe are not only doing The Dragon Dance it is actually the year of The Dragon!!


The PinK Alphabet CitY is Here!!!

Now We are in the Pink!!!


I finally got after many requests….

Do You have

Alphabet City in Pink??

Do you have it in Pink?

Do You have it in Pink?

Aahhhaaa…. Do you Have…..

it …. in Pink?

Now I do Have it in Pink !!!


Message received and now we are in the Pink!!


CHiz :O)


The Lazy Days of Summer are almost over……

Strawberry Ice Cream

But we can still remember the time spent together with the
ones we love and that delicious Strawberry Ice Cream
Lick it before it melts!!!
Chiz :OP

Pandas Attack NYC!!!! Run Away! Run Away!!

Empire Panda


It looks like the Pandas have taken over

The Empire State Building.

Don’t worry they are just trying to get away from the crowd


Chill with their Friends!!

Catch some Air for me!!



Happy Monday!!

The Northside Benefit was a Success!!!

Art to Children!!

Art to Children!!


During these interesting times

It’s Important to remember what is truly important.


Have a wonderful Holy THursDAY!!!


SHoUT OuT to WisDoM!!!

” God did not send his Son

into the world to judge  the world guilty,

but to save the world through him.

John 3:17



Chiz :O)

Little PiG BiG CiTY

Little PiG BiG CiTY

Little PiG BiG CiTY



Visiting the BiG Can Be Fun and exciting.

But how can a little pig see everything???




God, be merciful to me

because you are loving.

Because you are always ready to be


wipe out all my wrongs.

PSALM 51:1

Have a wonderful HUMP DAY!!!


Chiz :O)