The Boggie Down on Chiz





What is Chiz? Or what is a Chiz?


Chiz is my name.  Like all names it was given to me.  It is not what marks my birth certificate, not the name chosen by my mother and father.  The name they gave their first born child is Stephanie Chisholm.


Chiz is the name given to me later in life by of all people my friends.  It makes me smile just to think about it. The name has stuck to me like gum in my hair for years. 

I love it!!! 

The name Chiz morphs at times like most things do over time into derivates of the Chiz base, to Chiztina, Chiztallena and on and on.  But it always comes back to Chiz.


The Chizzy Mind

Let’s look into the Chizzy Mind.  The Artist’s Mind.

I paint from my heart.  Which is a happy heart & I strive to infuse my creative passion into all of my art and my portraits so that it flows like electricity through the eyes of the subject on the canvas and into eyes of the viewer.


I have beautiful eyes, which means I can find the beauty in the subjects I use in my paintings and I glorify that beauty. This makes me so happy!



Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and my eyes focus on what is beautiful and precious about you.


I have created art since the time my mother put a crayon into my hand as a child.  Before I could read.  I was hooked that very first time with just that crayon and a coloring book.

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2 thoughts on “The Boggie Down on Chiz

  1. Hi Chiz,
    Much Congrats on your new book!
    Do you have signing events planned in the Bronx?
    Look forward to waiting on line to get my autographed copy.
    I’ve added your good news to my list of links to Bronx Bloggers.
    And I would love to have a link to the Bronx Bohemian on your blog!


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