Tuesday SHOUT OUT! To Artists’ that Rock!! HeY!




Yellena JAMES

Original from Sarajevo now she beds down on the Central Oregon Coast!!

Go Sarajevo!!!

Go Oregon!!!




Can you feel the energy and EXPOsion!!!  Her work creates in your mind.

It is all done with markers pen and ink!

Get Down to the Ground Girl & Spin Around!!


I also love how she create depth in her work with her genius use of color.

The mind and heart just gets lost in the work and I just daydream of a place of twisted candy canes.



My name is Yellena James. I am 29 years old and I’m currently living on the Central Oregon Coast with my super-talented musician husband and two cats, Masha (good kitty) & Fisher (bad kitty). I was born in Sarajevo and lived there until the end of the civil war, in 1995. During the war, I had to sneak past numerous snipers to attend a high-school that was dedicated to the arts. That’s where I really grew passionate about my own art. The school had electricity most of the time, which meant heat and music, and similar-minded people who just wanted to create and get away from the horrible outside world. After moving to the US (via Orlando, FL), I received a BA in graphic- design from UCF and eventually made my way to the West coast en route to New York city.

Yellena on Anthropologie  U GO GIRL!!!

Yellena on Anthropologie U GO GIRL!!!

Yellena your work is a Wonderland!!!
ShouT OuT to WisDoM!!!
“The way of the good person is like the light of dawn,
Growing brighter and brighter until full daylight.
Thank you for spending some of your day with me!!!
Chiz :O)


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