Tuesday SHOUT OUT! To Artists’ that Rock!! HeY!

Blue Bicycle

Blue Bicycle




 My NYC ART Sister



She is even a Late Taurus!!  Like ME! 

 YaY!!! :O)



She even a Late Tuarus!!  Like ME! 

 YaY!!! :O)


Cathy an amazing NYC based Artist, creates work that  spins you around with it’s energy.

You circle, circle, circle around until,

 You are transported back to that moment of ecstasy,

Where you swung in the swing where your only thoughts….

 Are of the simple pleasure of being alive.

Hello Summer 3

Hello Summer 3 






In her own words:

A bit about Me…

When I was younger, I thought that I would be an English Professor. Then I fell in love with a painting. I’d been in love before, but never with something so colorful, so obscure yet rife with promise. It was abstract, yet figurative. There was an animal shape rising up, suspended by a red, heart-shaped balloon against a dark, moody background. On the bottom was a faint, yet discernible trace of glitter. Glitter. This was a love-letter. And ever since reading it, I’ve been trying to write back.

I don’t know where my ideas come from exactly. Sometimes they emerge fully-formed while I’m sitting in traffic (Maybe this is why there are so many artists in L.A.!). Other times, I gather all of my favorite materials and begin to weave images together with wax, paint, medium and words until something coalesces. Often I make ‘mistakes’ or end up looking at a disaster I’d like to throw out the window. When this happens, I force myself to keep going. I always try to remember the first time I tuned a guitar; the sound was the most confusing right before it suddenly snapped into harmony. This is the same way with paintings. And maybe even with love.

I know that a painting is finished because it seems like the right thing has been spoken — something I wouldn’t mind sharing with my levitating glittery friend (or with you).    





The Greatest thing is LOVE!!!

Cathy U ROCK!!!



ShouT OuT to WisDoM!!!

People  will be rewarded for what they say,

and they will be rewarded for what they do.



Thank you for spending some of you day with me!!!








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