Tuesday SHOUT OUT! To Artist that ROCK!!!

Teresa Elliott - Brangus Calf

Teresa Elliott - Brangus Calf


Teresa Elliot

Girl you take my breath away!!!

Teresa Elliot - High Plains Calf

Teresa Elliot - High Plains Calf

I don’t remember how I found her,
I was just frolicking around the web I suppose.
but thank God I did!
When I first saw her work I was paralyzed unable to look away. 
Such beauty and power it is as if she took the souls of these majestic created and trapped them in the canvas for my pleasure.
I am New Yorker born and bred, but the when I see her work, I am transported to a special place that has no geographic boundaries.  I am just at peace and I can wonder at God’s creations and the gift he has given this talented artist.
Thank you Teresa!  
Teresa Elliot

Teresa Elliot

(BIO From Her Website)

As a young adult she sketched portraits building a solid foundation for a career in the fine arts. In 1976 while attending The University of Kansas she worked as a forensic sketch artist for the Lawrence Kansas Police Department. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, Elliott returned to her native Texas where she spent 25 years as a leading freelance illustrator in Dallas. Word of her talents spread quickly after her figurative art appeared in projects for Neiman Marcus. “I have many years of art experience, so my development as an oil painter was fueled by working with the figure, portraiture and design,” says Elliott. She has since returned to her fine art roots, dedicating herself exclusively to her studio practice; though she retains a flair for creating infectious images.


Elliott lives with her husband, their two pugs and mutt from the Louisiana hurricanes in the mountains north of Big Bend National Park in Alpine, Texas. Her daughter, Emma is completing her undergraduate studies at Texas Tech University.

ShoUT OuT to Wisdom!!!


“Whoever is stubborn after being corrected many times will suddenly be hurt beyond cure.”


Proverbs 29:1


Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!


 Chiz :OP 


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