Playing with my ABCs in NYC :O)

B for Bear

B for Bear

MONdaY MONdaY!!!

Yes, it is Monday again!!

We made it thru the weekend!

It was a dangerous weekend here in NYC.

  An unusual amount of people where killed or hurt in freak act of nature.   Rip Tides and lighting strikes.  Oh My!!

I was upstate frolicking in the park with friends, eating way too much,  I chillin and everyone was asking me, did you eat?  Did you eat?


I ate more than I usually eat and I was trying to watch what I ate but it is very hard when you are in the situation.

But it was, fun, fun, fun and I sat by the pool safely away from the dangerous rip currents of the sea!


Today I roll out the first complete set of letter A B C from my Alphabet City Series.  B is above and here is A again and C.

Come frolick through New York City and thru the entire alphabet with me.

Come celebrate the fun and run thru the wonderful playground of NYC and practice your ABCs.


C for Cat

C for Cat

 & Here is A again!!!


A for Alligator

A for Alligator

SHouT OuT to Wisdom!!!
A Song of Trust in God
“The LORD is my light and the one who saves me.
I fear no one.
The LORD protects my life. I am afraid of no one.
Evil people may try to destroy my body.
My enemies and those who hate me attack me,
but they are overwhelmed and defeated.
If an army surrounds me. I will not be afraid. 
If war breaks out, I will trust in the LORD.”
PSALM 27: 1-3
It looks like it is going to be beautiful day!!!
Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me.
Chiz :OP

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