Jump over the Duck


Duck! My very first Duck :O)

Good Morning you Beautiful People!!!
Yes it is Hump Day Again!!!
Let’s all Jump over these Ducks and run to the weekend!!!
I am so excited  I am almost ready to release the Alphabet City Series!!!
YaY!!!  I can’t wait!
Now back to the Ducks


When I originally created Willie, I planned to create a whole family tree.  
Here is my original plan for my duck series, but it is still evolving stay turned!!!

Is a family member of my Chizzy Duckpond Family, who are extended family members of:

The Chizzy Chicken Coop & Thier Duck Cousins, Family.

I do love the ducks so much they have thier own Family Surnames:

“The Chizzy Duckpond”

& of course each family member will have their own “personal names” like Duckie Face. :O)

I am so excited I have started my journey in documenting the family connects of over 100 ducks and 100 of thier chicken cousins. when complete, I will have documentation of all of chickens and ducks with thier complete genelogy.

I will also create a massive master family tree so that everyone trace each family members geneology back in time.

More from the Duck Pond!!!
Spring Totem

Spring Totem

Duck King
Ducky Face

Ducky Face

Pluckie Duckie

Pluckie Duckie

Shout Out to Wisdom!!!
“Wisdom is more precious than rubies.  Nothing you could want is equal to it.”
Proverbs 8:11
Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me
Chiz :OP

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