Frolicking thru Union Square Market – NYC :O)


I love Wednesdays in the City!! 

YaY so much free stuff floats thru the city & one of my favorite places to frolick is…..


Union Square Market

The reason why I love the Market is because of the awesome green & wax beans!!!

So delicious you can eat them raw!   The first time I bought them I was just buying green & wax (because they are cute) bean because I needed vegetables and they where a good price.

But, the first time a ate them ….  OHH BOY!!!   I was shocked how good they where!  It stopped me in my tracks!   WoW!!!

 Now I make it my business to buy them whenever I am fortunate enough to be at the Market!!

BoY!!  It was really hot and sunny yesterday!!  I don’t remember being that hot in a looong time!!  Well I had no hat and I was wearing a black tank top, but when I walked out of there I was limp as a wet wash cloth.

But!!  I got my favorite falafel from my favorite falafel shop:  RainBow Falafel.  It is literally a hole in the wall of Union Square, but their food is oHHHHso good!!   And well priced and $3.50 for a Falafel sandwich in a pita.  YUMMM YUM!   :O)

Also the Market is a feast of images!!!

Pictures!!  Pictures!!  Pictures!!

These images of course with feed my work and enrich my life!


You don’t have to tell me not to touch it!   My hand is going nowhere near those Bees!!!


SHoUT OuT to Wisdom

“Whenever you are able, do good to people who need help.”

Proverbs 3:27


Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!!

Love Chiz :O)


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