Long Nights Journey into Day

Good Morning!!!

Happy HUMP DAY again!!!


Raise your hand if you stayed up until 1:37AM watching the All Star Game.

Well, I did.  

At first I just had it on in the background while I work in the studio painting, printing, thinking.  I always put on something that I don’t have to focus on while I work.   It like a low hummmm….. that keeps me grounded to the world.  

 I don’t want to acknowledge it as important, I just want it there to keep me company.  

That how it started and than I started painting and it didn’t go well and I may have to start the painting again and then comes the moment when my mind goes to mush…  & I want to work and I can’t anymore and I just stare at the painting begging it to talk to me…..

& than my companion the Game started calling me, pulling me away from working and into the Game.

It’s almost midnight!!! 

Is the game still on???  OK, let’s see what happening…  10 inning, 11 inning, 12, 13, 14

Come on now!  It actually got interesting in the extra innings, errors, great plays, diminishing player roster, only one pitcher left.    What’s going to happen!!!

 There comes a point you’ve invested too much to quit watching. 

What if there is a great play!!!


 WiN!! WiN!! WiN!! National League it’s been 11 years.

I’m a Ravid METS fan that lives in the Bronx.  So I have issues. ha ha :O)

Anyway I started getting delirious and I turned off the TV and continued listening to the radio as I slowly fell asleep….. 

The 15 inning

  But at 1:37AM it finally came to an end.

Well there always next year and ………

Sleep Sweet Prince

The METS are hot now…..  maybe that’s enough ……………

for now.




The New York Botantical Garden


The Bronx Zoo!!!




“Patience is better than strength.  Controlling your temper is better than capturing a city.”

Proverbs 16:32


Thank you for spending some of your precious day with me!!!


Chiz :OP


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