It’s Hump Day again!!

Good Morning you beautiful people!!!

Yes again it is hump day.   Above Buck is enjoying it by chillin in the studio.  

(the star of some of my paintings hehehe)

But if you can overcome Wednesday you are just a hop skip and a jump the the Weekend!!!   YaY!!

Oh it is happy on the bright side of the street.  



Yes I would like to give a shout out, “HEY!!”

to the Artist Makoto Fujimura

As you can see above he is showing right now in the NYC at Dillon Gallery.   I really admire Makoto because he uses his faith to inspire his amazing work.  

His current works in the words of Dillon’s Press Release:

Makoto Fujimura’s exhibit “Charis” which is primarily composed of three monumental gold compositions completed over the last 10 years in New York, shows the significance of his most powerful work; December Hour, Golden Fire, and Charis.

In painting December Hour, he navigated between thoughts of life and death. Dedicating the piece to a dying friend, he prayed desperately as he layered gold over gold, struggling to understand God’s wisdom in taking someone so young.”

I can’t wait to see his new works!!!



Well today I plan to frolick over to The New York Botanical Gardens & I am I will try to hit

The Bronx Zoo Today too!!

WHY???  Do you ask am I so adventureous today???

Well today is the free day at the Gardens & The Zoo.


I love free stuff!!  :O)

If my plans are successful I will have pictures tomorrow! Promise!!

Here is one of my works that is inspired by the Butterfly Garden at The Bronx Zoo

 This work is entitled, “Kingdom of the Monarch”



“The LORD looks deep inside people and searches through their thoughts”


Thank you so much for spending some of your precious day with me!!!

Have a Wonderful Sunny Day!!


Chiz :O)


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