Art 21

Good Morning you wonderful people!!!

It is such a nice sunny day here in NYC and the weather man has promised it will be drenched in humidity.   Why must I constantly be threatened by reality????

Well I am going out anyway!


I love getting my art fix thru video and frolicking thru the art that hides in every corner of this city.  I have an ongoing love of netflix and their selection of art documentaries.  I would have never heard of so many artists if not for them.  Thank you Netflix!   But, as with anything, when eat all the cookies you just want more.  I’m so greedy!!!

I am stuck on Art 21 at the moment.  Even though I constantly watch PBS, I did not know about this show until Netflix suggested it to me.  I didn’t search for it or ask for it and they just gave it to me.  Like a gift!!!  Thank you!  I guess it replaced, Egg which I liked to watch.  I watch the repeat all the time.  


 I always love to hear what other artist are doing & thinking.   It makes own thought process not seem so crazy and it is also like a bolt of lighting when I hear them say something that I thought in the secret recesses of mind.

Like with the artist Elizabeth Murray, From, “ Humor”,  in season 2 said,

” I always thought when you where an artist one day you would just know what your work would be for the rest of your life……  & it’s just not like that.”  

Yes as with my walk thru life, God renews me every morning so that I experience fresh things that where not a factor yesterday, an hour, or even a minute ago. 

I also love that Elizabeth consults her daughters on her works so that she can get fresh eyes on the work.   This parallels my bond with my parents, in that I use their eyes to see my works when I have become blinded and can no longer see the work in a fresh way.

  Thank you Elizabeth!   Thank you for sharing an helping me, someone you will never know or see.


On the Chizzy Front

One of my new Paintings!!!   YaY!!


This piece is, “Together” …. no matter whatever

The piece at the top is my latest collage, ” The News Today



“No one can say, “I am innocent: I have never done anything wrong”

Probverbs 20:9

Thank you for spending some of your day with me!!

Have a beautiful DaY!!!!

Love Chiz 




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