It’s Friday and I’m dancing in the Rain!!


 I am dancing thru the rain drops!!  Past Radio City Music Hall & running straight home!!!  Another eventful week here in the city. 

Tomorrow I will be helping out with YuCA the Arts Organization at my Church to complete what I call The Children’s Church Mural – Bronx Style.

YaY!!   I promise to post pictures on Monday of our wonderful Saturday Painting Time!!



So Here is my Daily Painting, ( While almost Daily)


Magic Hour

Magic sometimes comes straight out of conflict.  This piece was one of the final designs considered to become, A Permanent Public Art Installation or The Metropolitan Transit Authority of NYC

also know a the NYC Subway System

In this piec I wanted to show the battle that rages between DAY & NIGHT.  Darkness cannot exist in the ace of the Light.

This Blood Battle marks a special time of day called

The Magic Hour.

So, we never have to fear the night, because joy & light will always come in the morning!  Have a wonderful weekend you Beautiful People!!!





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