ReD my Favorite Color

Cornell Penant


Yes!!!  Red

 Or should I say BIG RED!!! 


 That’s right Cornell Men & Women Basketball teams have be envited to the big Dance!!! 

 I love March Madness!!   So, I am chillin’ listening to the bracket selection on CBS and the announcer says: CORNELL & jumped off of the couch and start screaming!!!   I was so happy I never experienced this before!   It’s been 20 years, long before I was at Cornell, since they danced at the tournament and I am just so happy!!!    I even called to tell me mother :O)

 I am a Madness freak!!!  I’m going watch for free on-line any time I want!!!!

 Play with the brackets!!!  They are everywhere!!!   Here are some nice ones:




This is one of the good things in life to shout it out with the rest of the Country and feel the Madness!!!  

I love you all!!!


 Chiz :OP


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