Chizzy Friday from the Studio

HappY FriDaY!!!

Yes another week gone by…….  

This is the first Chizzy Friday from the Studio!!!


So on Fridays until whenever….   I would like to take some time to talk about some of my works and share them with you. 


RU Lookin’ @ Me?


This guy has attitude!! 

To spare!!

He  comes from this amazing image that came to me of a proud rooster.  He speaks too me..

  In a LOUD VOICE!! 

Allot of men adore him!  One collector said, “He looks like he gonna’ cut me! I want him right now!!”

Some lady collectors love him because he looks like a portrait not a rooster and for her he tells of a life not unlike yours or mine.   He shares in our own human struggle

Basically he been through the war and won the battle. 


The Spring Totem Pole


This piece is something I have wanted to do for a few years.  

In that I wanted to create a Totem Pole comprised of faces.  I first thought them would be human face, but that was not what it was ment to be.  

Like with many things I create, this idea bounced around in my head for months, than years and during all that time I don’t see the finished image.   It is like I was seeing a dream thru a dark veil.

It remained in my head pulling at my mind.  

Pulling, pulling, Pulling

but near coming.

It needed time to take it’s form.

With the totem idea, the fantasy was always so beautiful in my mind, but for years I couldn’t grab hold of that fantasy & make intangible.   It lived with me as a vapor of imagining, dancing around me with all the potential and creativity of something imagined but yet not created.

But suddenly the totem came to me in a rush.  It’s as if the the idea was waiting for the right key so it could be unlocked and born into the world.  Only than was it allowed to live and breath with us for a little while here on earth.    I believe The Spring Totem, will be the mother to a fuller series of totem paintings.

Thank you for spending some with me Chizzin in the Studio!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!



Chiz :OP



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