Chiz Leaping through the Year!!!

Hello you beautiful people!!!

It has proven to be an exciting and productive week!!!  

So much to do!   In just 24 little hours…..   where is that 25th Hour when you need it?  

 I must be trapped in that movie…   hehehe..

Well, I am getting ready for my show at Creole in Harlem nYc, USA!

But, but, butt …..   I am threatened again my the weather man that says, we here in NYC are going to buried upto our neck in the white stuff!  

Snow!!!   NOooooo!

Say it isn’t so, that there will be no snow.  :O(

Well, there is always next week and the next show and the running and the ripping trying to get everything down by the magic hour.  


Let me get ready I will talk to you soon!

Chiz :O)


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